26 травня 2021 р.

Landscape as a composition of daytime surface painting, containing meaning

Oleksa Kovalyov


It seems that the landscape is such a difficult phenomenon that its definition will long cause controversy between the authors, each of which produces its own version. And this is good, the main thing is to support the discussion. One of the main questions about the landscape is the following: does it have a material, corporeal essence, or is it a mental image of the material environment that surrounds us? This question is so complex that it is often difficult to understand the point of view of an author. Another difficult question: does the landscape have parts and, accordingly, can it decompose, and if it so, what do they look like? I think these questions are enough for one small article. This should be discussed because many authors who write about the landscape do not even consider it necessary to define it. For example, J. Janssen and L. Knippenberg, consider the complex issue of landscape conservation and management, did not define it [Janssen, Knippenberg, 2012].